How to Check EBT Balance

Check the Food Stamps EBT Card Balance

If you have an EBT Card and would like to check your current balance, you can do that in 3 ways, including online and via phone. Click on your state below and you will be provided information on how to check the balance on your SNAP Benefits card, including the EBT card phone number.

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EBT Card Balance by State

EBT Card Fraud Alert
EBT Card fraud is on the rise and local law enforcement are stepping up sting operations to apprehend cardholders and business that are involved in committing food stamps fraud. There are 3 types of fraud that is being targeted:

Buying Stuff Not on Approved List: Some stores are allowing food stamp holders to buy food or stuff that is not on the SNAP Benefits Approved Food List. This includes people using the card to buy alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana, and already prepared meals. This is illegal and has landed many people in jail.

Trading EBT Funds for Cash: Another fraud that is being targeted is where EBT Card holders allow others to spend the entire balance on their card to buy food, and in exchange, the cardholder gets a reduced amount of cash, which they can then use to buy anything they want. Businesses or persons that participate in these kinds of fraud are risking jail time.