Tennessee EBT Card Balance

(Last updated on 3/12/19)

The Tennessee EBT card (also called Benefits Security Card) is a debit card that is used to deliver food stamps payments and Families First benefits to those who are eligible in the state of Tennessee. If you’ve been approved for Food Stamps (SNAP Benefits), your monthly payment will be deposited onto your EBT Card, which you can then use at eligible stores to buy items on the Approved Food List

"Tennessee EBT Card Balance Check"

How To Check Your Tennessee EBT Card Balance

There are three ways you can check the balance on your card.

Check EBT Card Balance By Phone

You can check Tennessee EBT balance over the phone by calling 888-997-9444.

Check EBT Card Balance Online

You can check the Tennessee EBT card balance online. Click here.

Check EBT Card Balance On Last Receipt

You can also check the balance on your EBT Card by looking at your last purchase receipt. The balance current balance information is always displayed on the last receipt you received from your recent purchase.

Approved EBT Food List
Find out what you can buy with your food stamps/EBT Card. See the Tennessee EBT food list.
For the Tennessee EBT Customer Service, call 1-888-997-9444

6 comments on “Tennessee EBT Card Balance
  1. Leah Dishman says:

    I don’t have the fns number to activate my card


    Hello, I am having trouble recieving an replacment ebt card i have called several numbers to get help and this have been over a month that i still have no card. The people has told me 3 diffrent dates the card was mailed out no card i also called the ebt hotline and they continue to tell me my status has a block on it and has not been updated. Please tell me what i should do

  3. jessica Smith says:

    Dont have card on me just wanted to check balance

    • EBT Expert says:

      Hi Jessica,

      Unfortunately, you are unable to check the balance on your EBT card unless you have your card number readily available. Unless you know your online EBT account login, you must provide that information in order to retrieve your balance.

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