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About Us

A little bit about us. We are a website dedicated to helping you find the relevant information you need to determine if you qualify for Food Stamps (SNAP Benefits) and if you do qualify, what you need for a successful application. SNAP rules are set by the federal government (through the USDA). States must comply with the minimum requirements set up by the federal government in order to continue participation in the program. Since states are allowed to tweak certain parts of the program, it’s important to understand the requirements specific to your state in order to be able to meet the requirements and get approved if you qualify.

We have a page dedicated to how to apply for SNAP Benefits by state. We also have resources to help you determine if you qualify for benefits. We also have a calculator that helps you see how much benefits you may receive should you get approved for food assistance. Finally, we have information on how to check your EBT Card Balance.

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