Apply for Food Stamps

You have to apply for Food Stamps (SNAP Benefits) in your state of residence. See below for information on how to apply for Food Stamps, including income limits, qualification guidelines, Frequently Asked Questions, and a link to the SNAP Benefits Calculator to determine how much in benefits you are likely to receive if you apply.

Eligibility Guidelines
Are you eligible to apply for SNAP? It depends on a number of factors. You have to prove residency and be a US citizen (although certain immigrants categories are allowed to receive food assistance). You also have to pass an income test, which is outlined below. You will then be invited for a face to face interview, during which the information you submitted during your application will be reviewed. They may also ask you to bring additional documents to the interview. After the interview, it usually takes between 30-45 days for a decision to be made but sometimes it’s sooner. Once you are approved, you will be issued a debit card (called EBT Card in some states) on which your benefits will be deposited on a monthly basic. You are only allowed to buy certain foods with your EBT card. To see a full list of foods allowed under the program, click here.

Income Test
The income level of a household also plays a part in determining if they qualify for food assistance and how much in benefits they should receive. Generally, they will look at your gross monthly income and net monthly income (after certain items have been deducted) to see if you meet the income test. See the income limit chart here.

How Much Food Stamps Could I Receive?

How much in benefits you get will depend on several factors, including your gross and net income in your household and the number of people living in your household. Click here to see the chart on SNAP benefits allocation based on number of people in a household and income.